Our long-term vision is to continue to be an innovative leader, in order to offer performing packaging with the smallest possible impact on the environment. The first function of food packaging is to conserve and transport food in a healthy and safe way, while keeping loss to a minimum. We are confident that, one day, we will be able to make efficient packaging that has a near-zero carbon footprint, while being revalorized at the end of its life cycle, by traditional recycling, energy recycling or composting.
Our Vision

Dyne-a-pak AZURA® is a new generation of food trays with a minimum guaranteed of 12% to 20% recycled content...Read more
Regular" and "Processor" grade Dyne-a-pak trays are made from a very light material: polystyrene foam. .Read more

An innovative packaging made using Ingeo® bio-polymer, made from plants, a 100% annually renewable resource...Read more

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