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Composed of 90 % air, polystyrene foam trays have a very small environmental impact, since there is a significantly lower amount of raw materials and energy being used in their production compared to substitute rigid polymer or plant fibre packaging.  Foam polymer packaging is 2 to 3 times lighter than other known alternatives.  Polystyrene is a recyclable material, although collection programs are not offered in all municipalities.  The light weight of these products and the potential for food residue contamination pose a challenge to sorting and recycling centers, but several municipalities in North America have overcome these challenges and now offer recycling programs, either by curb-side collection, or by collection at depot locations.  Ask your local authorities to find out if such programs exist near you.

Dyne-a-pak actively supports or is directly involved in various polystyrene recycling projects at depot locations or by curb side collection in Canada and the US.  Here are some examples:

RRPS (Polystyrene Recycling Alliance) :

FRC (Foam Recycling Coalition).  :

Polystyrene collection project a the Lasalle Eco-Centre of Montreal,117249575&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Food Service Packaging Institute (FPI) :

Polystyvert - Disolving and Condensation of Polystyrene :

Pyrowave - Pyrolysis by micro-wave reconversion to  monomer.

Renewable Resource feedstocks
Agricultural feedstocks are annually renewable resources.  Dextrose is a natural sugar and is extracted from plants.

The dextrose is fermented and distilled in a substance called lactic acid.

The lactic acid is transformed into Ingeo® bio-polymer by NatureWorks® and is then melted and transformed into foam packaging.
carbon print
Dyne-a-pak Nature® offers the best post-use options for the future.
Packaging solutions that support sustainable development

Made with a natural polymer without fossil fuel.

Using plants, a 100% renewable resource

Contributing to create a better future

Dyne-a-pak Nature® products are compostable and recyclable under certain conditions and where programs exist.  Such programs are starting to develop but are not common.  Visit the section « Our Products / Dyne-A-Pak NatureTM »

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