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dyne-A-Pak Nature®
A more sustainable solution.

Since plants use carbon dioxide in the air during their growth, the production of Ingeo® bio-polymer generates less greenhouse gas, than the production of equivalent fossil fuel-based polymers.

• Dyne-a-pak Nature®  meets the ASTM-D6400 standard and are certified by the Biodegradable Product Institute (BPI). The BPI approval means that Dyne-a-pak Nature® foam trays will break-down and biodegrade quickly and safely in 180 days in a composting facility that is professionally managed (industrial or municipal). Collection programs for compostable packaging are slowly starting to develop in North America, but may not be available in your area. In fact, very few of these programs currently exist. Please consult your local authorities for more information;

• Because conditions in domestic compost bins can vary greatly, Dyne-a-pak Nature® foam trays are not made for domestic composting (garden compost bins or piles), where their composting will be very slow, unless the compost is very active and regularly mixed;

• The Ingeo® bio-polymer (PLA) is recyclable but, since this material is relatively new, very few collection programs are currently available;

• As composting and collection programs continue to develop for Ingeo® bio-polymer packaging, Dyne-a-pak Nature® foam trays will become a good solution for reducing carbon footprint and help build a better future.

For more information or to find out if compostable packaging is collected in your region, please check:

Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) : http://www.bpiworld.org/

BPI certified products:  http://products.bpiworld.org/companies/dyne-pak-inc

Biocycle - Composting; Renewable Energy; Sustainability : http://www.biocycle.net/

Biocycle’s Find a Composter : http://www.findacomposter.com/

Compost council of Canada : http://www.compost.org/

US Composting Council (USCC) : http://compostingcouncil.org/

NatureWorks Ingeo®  http://www.natureworksllc.com/


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An innovative packaging made using Ingeo® bio-polymer, made from plants, a 100% annually renewable resource. 

Ingeo® bio-polymer made by Natureworks® is not made from petroleum products.

Dyne-a-pak Nature® foam trays are available in a limited number of models. They combine the advantages of the light-weight foam, with those of a bio-polymer; without using a large amount of renewable resources.




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An innovative packaging made using Ingeo® bio-polymer, made from plants, a 100% annually renewable resource...Read more

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