Dyne-A-pak is an industry leader in foam trays used for the packing of meat, poultry, fish, and produce.  In operation for more than 40 years, Dyne-a-pak is also an innovator in compostable rigid foam packaging.

Dyne-a-pak is a privately owned Canadian company belonging to Rosenbloom Groupe Inc. With more than 40 years of experience in the food packaging industry, our facilities located in Laval, Quebec are equipped with cutting-edge technology allowing us to serve the entire North American market.

Our clientele mostly includes grocery chains, meat and vegetable packers and Canadian and American food industry distributors.

The Rosenbloom group is a Canadian family business, proudly producing packaging since 1939.   Over the years we have expanded our range of products and our production capabilities.  We are an innovative organization, always on top of what's new on the market, continually looking to improve, and always meeting the needs of our customers. 

Our great strength, besides our quality and service, is our commitment to finding ways to reduce the costs for our clients and to offer alternatives to help streamline their supply chain.

Our History

Associated Manufacturing Companies
A family company, Rosenbloom Groupe has been producing bags and other packaging materials in Canada since 1939. Whether your business is in grocery, fast-food restaurants, retail sales, or specialized stores, Rosenbloom Group has the quality products to satisfy your packaging needs.


Hymopack is the largest manufacturer of plastic bags for the retail market in Canada. It is a private company belonging to Rosenbloom Groupe and has more than 40 years of experience in the field of plastic bags of all types. Located in Toronto, Canada, its facilities are of the latest technology and can easily serve the entire North American market. Its clientele mostly includes food chains, department stores, retail warehouses, and the Canadian and American food industries. Hymopack offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of its customers. Its progress as an industry leader can be accredited to the commitment of each employee to effectiveness, quality and unmatched service, and all that at a competitive price day after day.


Dyne-a-pak AZURA® is a new generation of food trays with a minimum guaranteed of 12% to 20% recycled content...Read more
Regular" and "Processor" grade Dyne-a-pak trays are made from a very light material: polystyrene foam. .Read more

An innovative packaging made using Ingeo® bio-polymer, made from plants, a 100% annually renewable resource...Read more

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