To support our mission, we have decided to engage on the path toward fast improvement in productivity and sustained long-term results.  We integrally use the world class management model of TOYOTA WAY (Link), that we have adapted to our reality and called ONE-dyne-a-pak. This results in a dynamic and flexible organization, in which 100% of the employees are engaged, day after day, in learning, problem solving improvement, and innovation.

To postulate on a position and to have the chance to join a world class team, please contact the human resources department at 450 667-3626 or by email at

Our Values

Dyne-a-pak AZURA® is a new generation of food trays with a minimum guaranteed of 12% to 20% recycled content...Read more
Regular" and "Processor" grade Dyne-a-pak trays are made from a very light material: polystyrene foam. .Read more

An innovative packaging made using Ingeo® bio-polymer, made from plants, a 100% annually renewable resource...Read more

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