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Today’s market sets eyes on ecological alternatives for everyday products we use. Dyne-a-Pak in partnership with Natureworks has developed  trays made of renewable resources with a lower carbon footprint. Please have a look at our current selection.

Dyne-a-Pak “Nature” supermarket trays — Compostable

Currently in development. Please call us if you have any questions.




Dyne-a-pak  “Nature”  processor grade trays — Compostable

Out to lunch? Why not with these multi purpose hinged containers you can vary from serving take out or simply using as a simple food plater. Have a look at our selection and choose the one that suits your needs.

Polystyrene “Hinged container”  trays

These are the most commonly found trays on the market. They serve a vast range of uses from a meat and fish tray to vegetables and sandwich tray. If you require higher grade trays, please look at our processor grade tray lineup.

Polystyrene supermarket trays

This selection is comprised of our high strength processor tray lineup. These are normally used in packaging plants or simply where higher strength is needed.

Polystyrene processor grade trays

In need of  pre-padded trays? Dyne-a-pak can assist you. Give us a call so we can assist you with any specific needs you may have.

Polystyrene padded trays

Product List